Laughter Reflections No.2!

It’s almost Laughter time again!

We’ll be laughing intentionally together again this coming Monday at 7.45pm on Zoom. Please join us for upliftment, relaxation, connection and fun! More info and the booking/donation link if you’d like to try it out!

And now, more thoughts on the healing power of laughter:

Bernie Siegel who I mentioned in my last post, is a medical doctor and author of “Love, Medicine & Miracles” and he writes:

“…remember, when you laugh, you lose an awareness of the physical aspects of life, and transcend your troubles”. I’ve found that this is true, have you?

Laughter – real or fake/intentional- is a mild pain relief and anti-depressant; the cascade of mood-boosting chemicals released into the brain and body within minutes of starting to laugh, have a profound effect on our brain chemistry. Practising laughter quickly shifts us towards a more bubbly, happy light-hearted state. Sometimes, even just thinking about intentional Laughter can move us closer to this charmed feeling of bubbliness and fun. It’s relaxing, uplifting, and the effects of it emanate from us when we laugh, transforming the mood of those around us too.

Regular Laughter practice on your own at home is simple – just 10-15 minutes of laughing intentionally is all it takes to get  the health benefits. Repeat exercises we’ve done in sessions, or make up your own, relating to your experiences that day or that week! You can do it when you don’t feel like it, or just when you know you need it. Notice how uplifting and cathartic this practise is:)

Have you ever walked into a room and somehow sensed what went on there just a few moments before? That perhaps people were dancing or discussing something in particular, or whatever it was –  and then you discovered your intuition was right?  If we fill our lives with as much laughter as possible, laughing as often as we can, practising it regularly for no reason at all and at the least excuse, we may give others the gift of the wonderful laughter energy that we leave behind us! And I wonder how far it might travel, like a puff of smoke or a beautiful cloud that drifts on the wind..?

Looking forward to creating some more sparky, bubbly, sunshiny laughter energy with you in the Laughter Yoga zoom session on Monday – hopefully see you there!

Charlotte 🙂





Laughter Reflections No.1!

Monday has come around again and tomorrow I’ll be hosting another of my weekly Laughter Yoga Sessions on Zoom!

I’m really looking forward to it!

We start at 7.45pm with hellos etc, and after some preliminary warm-ups,  we’ll laugh (with fun exercises and deep breathing), for approx. 15 mins (in order to get all the amazing health benefits), and finish at around 8.15/8.20pm.

More info and a donation link is here:

And here’s the first of my thoughts and research findings on Laughter:

Intentional laughter has been proven to boost our mood within minutes of starting to laugh and, when practised regularly, people notice that they begin to laugh more, and also more often! They begin to see the funny side of things much more of the time, and see the world in a brighter, more optimistic way.

Dr Bernie Siegel (author of “Love, Medicine and Miracles” and “The Beginner’s Humor and Healing”, writes: “Be a healer and spread joy through humour and laughter. The world is a human comedy if we but see it that way. Yes, it is a tragic comedy at times, but he who laughs lasts. Remember it is not healthy to be serious and normal. Trying to be normal is only for those who feel inadequate. So be a carrier and spread joy and healing…”

Join us on a Monday evenings to spread the healing energy of laughter to this tragic-comedy world; fill your hearts and minds with the healing magic laughter – and a lot of very beneficial childlike silliness  – just notice how much better you feel!

And it’s all scientifically proven!




NEW Course for Intermediates & Refreshers – 6 Steps to Better Vision – Starting in Jan 2024!

I LOVE teaching Group Vision Courses, they’re so much fun!

I love the comments like: “I’m now seeing everything in a much more 3D way!”, or: “I started noticing so much more than I used to and everything felt so much more REAL”…and this is just after Lesson 2 or 3!  What will it be like after Lesson 6 of the Beginners Course, I wonder? I can’t wait to find out:)

The Intermediates & Refreshers Live Zoom Course will be starting soon – here’s the info: 6 Steps to Better Vision  – Live Zoom Group Course 2. Send me an email if you’re interestecd in joining –  I’d love to help you to get your vision where you want it – and fast!

Charlotte 🙂

Weekly Laughter Yoga Club Sessions! By Donation

Make your own High 


intentional laughter, giggles & silliness!

Boost your immune system, improve your physical, mental & emotional health –

relaxing, uplifting & confidence boosting!

Intentional, therapeutic laughter practice –

just fake it to get ALL the same benefits as spontaneous laughter!

Your body and brain can’t tell the difference!

Release stress and tension in your mind, body

and eyes 🙂

Scientifically shown to release a cascade of endorphins

& mood boosting chemicals into the body and brain

within minutes

Laughter  Yoga helps us to see the world with a more relaxed,

joyful and open-hearted perspective–

your eyes and your whole body will benefit!

A great way to help relax your visual system


a wonderful way just to feel happier and healthier MORE of the time

Weekly on Mondays

led by Charlotte,

a qualified Laughter Yoga Leader & Teacher

2024 DATES:

25th March; 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th April; 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th May etc


19.45-20.15 pm UK time

In-person in Long Crendon, and Zoom,

This class is drop-in and pay what you can. 

Book here by donation  – any amount from £0-5: Donate and Book

Times are tough for many, so just pay what you can afford – you don’t have to miss out if you can’t afford a donation

Contact: [email protected]

Looking forward to laughing with you soon!xx:):)

Watch a Video Extract of a Zoom Laughter Yoga Session

Sessions Structure – what we do:

19.45-19.55  – Arrive, Log on, Greet, chat, catch up with each other

19.55-20.10  – Laughter Yoga exercises

20.10-20.15  – Calming and becoming present with mindful grounding techniques

…and then Goodbyes till next time! 🙂


60 minute 1:1 Blended Vision Improvement Techniques with Laughter Yoga!

Relax! Your eyes will love you for it and respond well to your new sense of playful connection with life.

Release some of the stress you're unconsciously holding on to in your mind, body and visual system.

Practise effective visual improvement techniques while you laugh! Experience both healing modalities combined in a Blended Laughter Yoga & Vision Improvement class and experience the positive effects on your mood and vision!

Laughter practice is life-changing and so is natural vision improvement  - begin your journey to greater emotional freedom and improved visual clarity now!

Useful notes emailed to you afterwards


Vision Walk

Vision WALK with Charlotte by audio or video call

Let's walk outdoors or indoors, and learn how to improve our vision and the way we see, as we walk - practise simple techniques you can do on a daily basis to improve your visual experience and relax your eyes. Helpful notes emailed to you afterwards.

45 minutes - £60

Book here 

Sessions at Racquets


Today I gave a free Natural Vision Improvement session & a free Laughter Yoga session at Racquets Gym as part of their Health & Wellbeing Fair. It was loads of fun and went really well.

In the vision session, people loved the sunning with the special lamp I use. The warmth and gentle brightness was so relaxing, they said they felt like they were on holiday! (This is how I feel when I use it too…soooo relaxing for eyes and mind).

Soon the sun will be out a lot more here, and we’ll be able to put the lamps away until Autumn, but in the meantime, they’re a great standby for when it’s dark or rainy. Find out more about sunning in my free 10 lesson video course on YouTube.

Then we did a relaxing palming, and used our memory, which is brilliant for improving our vision, when combined with palming. You’ll also find info on how to do this, on the free video course. Dr Bates said that those who could get on with regular palming the fastest, made the swiftest progress, so it’s certainly something to get going with straight away, if you’re new to starting vision work. Do it for as often, and as long as you can.

The Laughter Yoga session was really fun, and we all loved connecting in with our sense of childlike playfulness – we felt uplifted, joyful and invigorated…relaxed and inspired. Try out some Laughter Yoga yourself sometime, by following along with some of the Laughter Club excerpts on my video channel, You might get the same effects on mood, mind and body. Check out the huge health benefits of laughter yoga here:

Wishing you a great week ahead,

Charlotte 🙂


Upcoming Workshops in April & June plus new Vision Tips!


Do you need to: Release Strain from Sore, Tired, Blurry Eyes?

You can do this in the April workshops!

My eyes are ocastionially like that sometimes, if I don’t take care of them – and so then I do the techniques I know will work to relax them, release strain and restore my vision back to clarity and comfort – Find out how I do it! This is a great workshop for all ages and levels of vision.

Do you want to find out how to Avoid strain and maintain good vision while using Screens – Workshops in June This is one we all desperately need – pro and insider tips on how to avoid screen strain and release it if it develops. Definintely not one to miss!

Please do join me for these fantastic workshops – your eyes will thank you forever.

Sending you sunshine and clarity,


FREE sessions at the Racquets Health & Wellbeing Fair!


Welcome and I hope you’re enjoying the wonderful Spring weather. Wherever you are in the world, I hope you have some some sunny days, and can spend a bit of relaxing time in Nature, appreciating it’s healing beauty and energy.

And if you live nearby, I’d like to invite you to join me for FREE sessions at the Health & Wellbeing Fair at Racquets Gym in Thame on Sat 22nd April!

I’ll be running a free Laughter Yoga session at 11.30am, and a free Natural Vision Improvement session at 2pm. I’d love to meet you and answer any questions you might have, help you with your vision and show you how a regular Laughter practice can enrich and help you heal.

Here’s a short video of me talking about it! Join me for free at Racquets Health & Wellbeing Fair!

And here are some of the health benefits of Laughter Yoga, in case you’d like to find out more and try it out with me! Click here:12 proven health benefits of Laughter!

Wishing you clarity, calm and joy,

Charlotte 🙂


New 12 Week packages


Take a look at the new 12 Week Fast Track lesson package, and 12 Week ‘Just Lessons’ package, on the Lessons page! These are designed to get you focussed and committed to your vision improvement process – to stay on track and get the results you want!

I’m also offering some exciting new workshops, which will be in-person, online and live-streamed! And a joint relaxing, nurturing and uplifting half-day Retreat with Laura from LauraYoga. If you can’t choose between them, try out the discount Workshop Package and do all three!

I’ve also reduced prices, to help make learning to improve your vision and see more clearly naturally, easier than ever.

Looking forward to meeting you and getting started on your vision improvement journey soon!

Charlotte x