Make your own High 


intentional laughter, giggles & silliness!

Boost your immune system, improve your physical, mental & emotional health –

relaxing, uplifting & confidence boosting!

Intentional, therapeutic laughter practice –

just fake it to get ALL the same benefits as spontaneous laughter!

Your body and brain can’t tell the difference!

Release stress and tension in your mind, body

and eyes 🙂

Scientifically shown to release a cascade of endorphins

& other mood boosting chemicals into the body and brain

within minutes,

Laughter  Yoga helps us to see the world with a more relaxed,

joyful and open-hearted perspective–

your eyes and your whole body will benefit!

A great way to help relax your visual system


a wonderful way just to feel happier and healthier MORE of the time

Weekly on Mondays

unscripted, spontaneously led by Charlotte,

a qualified Laughter Yoga Leader & Teacher

2023 DATES:

11th & 18th December

2024 DATES:

8th Jan, 15th, 22nd, 29th Jan etc


19.45-20.15 pm UK time

In-person in Long Crendon, and Zoom

Book your place for £0-5 Donation


Donate any amount by PayPal

(Note: if you pay by PayPal, please also book your place on this link: Just a booking)

Contact: [email protected]

Looking forward to laughing with you soon!xx:):)

Watch a Video Extract of a Zoom Laughter Yoga Session