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What you’ll get: 

TEN videos for you to learn how to improve your eyesight naturally.

Each video is approximately 6 minutes long and in each one, I will guide you through the basics of Vision Improvement: Palming, Sunning, Blinking, the Successful Vision Improver’s Mindset, using Light, and much more…everything you need to know to get started.

Many people who watched this course have written to me over the years to say that they noticed signifciant improvements just from watching it and practising the techniques covered in the videos! Find out what they learned and experienced – purchase this discounted course now and join them, to begin your journey to better, more clear and comfortable vision!

Suitable for: 

Absolute Beginners starting from scratch, or

those wanting to find out what it’s all about,

or those wanting a refresher of the techniques they’ve forgotten or to restart their vision journey.

What people have said about this course:

Responses from many viewers since 2020 has been overwhelmingly positive – many have written in to say how much it helped them, how much they liked it, and that they experienced vision improvement as a result of following this course.

“The video course is excellent!”

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(Recorded in 2020 during Lockdown)