Today I gave a free Natural Vision Improvement session & a free Laughter Yoga session at Racquets Gym as part of their Health & Wellbeing Fair. It was loads of fun and went really well.

In the vision session, people loved the sunning with the special lamp I use. The warmth and gentle brightness was so relaxing, they said they felt like they were on holiday! (This is how I feel when I use it too…soooo relaxing for eyes and mind).

Soon the sun will be out a lot more here, and we’ll be able to put the lamps away until Autumn, but in the meantime, they’re a great standby for when it’s dark or rainy. Find out more about sunning in my free 10 lesson video course on YouTube.

Then we did a relaxing palming, and used our memory, which is brilliant for improving our vision, when combined with palming. You’ll also find info on how to do this, on the free video course. Dr Bates said that those who could get on with regular palming the fastest, made the swiftest progress, so it’s certainly something to get going with straight away, if you’re new to starting vision work. Do it for as often, and as long as you can.

The Laughter Yoga session was really fun, and we all loved connecting in with our sense of childlike playfulness – we felt uplifted, joyful and invigorated…relaxed and inspired. Try out some Laughter Yoga yourself sometime, by following along with some of the Laughter Club excerpts on my video channel, SeeNaturally.co.uk. You might get the same effects on mood, mind and body. Check out the huge health benefits of laughter yoga here:

Wishing you a great week ahead,

Charlotte 🙂


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