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“Just Lessons” 6 x 1:1 Lessons – Discount Package

Just want a short series of lessons, when you want and at a discounted rate? Book your 6 lessons 1:1 discount package now. Tried and tested, these lesson packages are loved by Charlotte’s clients! Choose the dates that suit you, and get going NOW on improving your vision and visual comfort, easily and naturally, with... Continue reading

Discounted Ten Lesson Pre-recorded Short Video Course

A chance to learn with Charlotte in your own time – hugely discounted!  £15 Start improving your eyesight NOW with simple & effective techniques you can easily integrate into your day Buy now What you’ll get:  TEN videos for you to learn how to improve your eyesight naturally. Each video is approximately 6 minutes long... Continue reading

Weekly Laughter Yoga Club Sessions! By Donation

Make your own High  with intentional laughter, giggles & silliness! Boost your immune system, improve your physical, mental & emotional health – relaxing, uplifting & confidence boosting! Intentional, therapeutic laughter practice – just fake it to get ALL the same benefits as spontaneous laughter! Your body and brain can’t tell the difference! Release stress and... Continue reading

Clear Vision Small Group Workshop at the Wellum Clinic

Clear Vision Small Group Workshop at the The Wellum Clinic Thame When: 2024 – date tbc – Saturday 9.30-1pm £45 Did you know you can improve your eyesight yourself, with simple and relaxing techniques? Learn the fundamentals for improving your eyesight naturally in this small group workshop with Charlotte – a natural eyesight improvement teacher... Continue reading

Releasing Strain from Tired Blurry eyes

3 hour Group Workshop – £50 Learn simple, effective techniques to relax and rejuvenate your eyes and begin to clear up your vision – Release strain from your eyes and begin to see more clearly and easily at all distances. – Find out how to maintain relaxed, unstrained eyes, and keep improving your eyesight –...

Screen Use Group Workshop

Screen Use – How to Avoid Strain and Maintain Good Vision while using Screens – 3 hour Group Workshop – £50 Worried about screens damaging your vision, or your children’s vision? Learn how to: – Minimise vision damage from screen use – Recover from Computer Strain if you have it and how to avoid it...

Improving Reading Vision with a Focus on Floaters

Improving Reading Vision with a Focus on Floaters – 3 hour Group Workshop – £50 Learn what you need to do to improve your reading vision and read with ease and clarity once again Ditch your reading glasses – this is a much more relaxing and natural way to see clearly up close! Floaters –...