Discover the healing power of laughter!

I love to laugh – it makes me feel GREAT!

I am a Therapeutic Laughter- Laughter Yoga Teacher, Coach and Leader trainer - member of the Laughter Association UK

Recent Group Laughter Workshop feedback:

“The Laughter Yoga was great! Much better than simply forcing laughter, which is how I’d experienced it many years ago. Everyone left in a good mood, looking happy and relaxed…thanks so much again…and by the way, you have a delightful laugh! They have requested that you come back soon” Silvia, USA, coordinator of New York Hospital patient support group.
“Exactly what I needed” Jake, 23, Community Drama Group


"Thank you Charlotte - really great class!"


"Was telling a friend about it today and we laughed some more!"  - Weekly Laughter Yoga Session Participants


"Thank you for putting these sessions on for the community, they are truly valuable" - Weekly Zoom session participant
"Thanks again Charlotte!  Your laughter yoga classes should go viral. It's so simple and so perfect, that even anyone as pessimistic as me gets into the mood and feels quite happy, optimistic and relaxed after half an hour of doing simple exercises, laughing and clapping. Thank you!" - Weekly Zoom session participant
"I really enjoyed it, thank you so much...I hope you can come back again soon" - Carehome session participant


Weekly Laughter Yoga Sessions!

- Paused for the Summer - will restart in Autumn 2024 -

In person and on Zoom

On Zoom: Mondays, 19.45 - 20.15pm UK time, by donation, online (or email) booking required

In-person at the Wellum Clinic Thame: Tuesdays 7.45-8.30pm

& Thursdays 10.30-11.5am

All info: Weekly Laughter Yoga Sessions 

or: Email Charlotte

"Thank you, Charlotte - brilliant session!! Really cheered me up! xx"

"The effects last all week!"

"The class really helps to relieve tension and lighten my mood. Very uplifting!"

"Great session to cheer up a rainy day! Thank you!x"

60  minute 1:1 Laughter Yoga Coaching Sessions

Experience the mood and energy boosting, stress releasing, perspective regaining and health boosting effects of Laughter Yoga

Venue: The Wellum Clinic Thame or on Zoom

For more info/to book: Email Charlotte

Group Laughter Workshops

To register interest in booking a group Laughter Yoga Workshop, contact Charlotte

Corporate Wellbeing Laughter Sessions

In a business setting, Laughter Yoga Sessions have been scientifically proven to:

  • Help manage stress
  • Create a happier, healthier and more energetic workforce
  • Strengthen team building
  • Increase motivation and enthusiasm
  • Develop positive mental attitudes
  • Increase attention span
  • Boost employee performance, increasing productivity
  • Enhance creative problem solving abilities
  • Improve communication skills

If you require links to scientific and medical studies on the above, these are available, please contact me.

Laugh if you feel like it and laugh even if you don’t feel like it – you’ll still get the all the health benefits!

8-Week Laughter Coaching Programme

This programme is ideal anyone facing a lot of seriousness of whatever kind in their lives,

and provides an essential toolbox to kickstart a more positive perspective,

and a less stressed existence

What's involved:

  • One weekly Laughter lesson with me for eight weeks, online/on the phone/in person
  • 10-minute daily sessions with me
  • Dates are individually agreed upon once the programme has been booked
  • Home practice sessions (not obligatory)

I personally have found that laughter is the best and most effective modality or technique I have ever tried, for lifting mood, improving perspective and releasing stress. It's transformed my life and my personality, and it's a tool that I can use at any time and in any place (silent "inner laugher"). So trust in the process - it's all scientfically backed up - and give this Laughter Coaching Programme a go - it is sure to lift you out of the doldrums, or release you from the cinch of chronic stress and anxiety, and transform your life. I look forward to working with you!

For more info: contact Charlotte