Laughter Reflections No.2!

It’s almost Laughter time again!

We’ll be laughing intentionally together again this coming Monday at 7.45pm on Zoom. Please join us for upliftment, relaxation, connection and fun! More info and the booking/donation link if you’d like to try it out!

And now, more thoughts on the healing power of laughter:

Bernie Siegel who I mentioned in my last post, is a medical doctor and author of “Love, Medicine & Miracles” and he writes:

“…remember, when you laugh, you lose an awareness of the physical aspects of life, and transcend your troubles”. I’ve found that this is true, have you?

Laughter – real or fake/intentional- is a mild pain relief and anti-depressant; the cascade of mood-boosting chemicals released into the brain and body within minutes of starting to laugh, have a profound effect on our brain chemistry. Practising laughter quickly shifts us towards a more bubbly, happy light-hearted state. Sometimes, even just thinking about intentional Laughter can move us closer to this charmed feeling of bubbliness and fun. It’s relaxing, uplifting, and the effects of it emanate from us when we laugh, transforming the mood of those around us too.

Regular Laughter practice on your own at home is simple – just 10-15 minutes of laughing intentionally is all it takes to get  the health benefits. Repeat exercises we’ve done in sessions, or make up your own, relating to your experiences that day or that week! You can do it when you don’t feel like it, or just when you know you need it. Notice how uplifting and cathartic this practise is:)

Have you ever walked into a room and somehow sensed what went on there just a few moments before? That perhaps people were dancing or discussing something in particular, or whatever it was –  and then you discovered your intuition was right?  If we fill our lives with as much laughter as possible, laughing as often as we can, practising it regularly for no reason at all and at the least excuse, we may give others the gift of the wonderful laughter energy that we leave behind us! And I wonder how far it might travel, like a puff of smoke or a beautiful cloud that drifts on the wind..?

Looking forward to creating some more sparky, bubbly, sunshiny laughter energy with you in the Laughter Yoga zoom session on Monday – hopefully see you there!

Charlotte 🙂