Here are a few optician’s reports for some of my clients
(names have been changed)

March 2023

Dear Charlotte,

Good afternoon!…

It was such a pleasure to meet Nina and thank you for referring her to me . I saw her over two appointments a week apart. She is doing amazingly well given only recently started her natural vision improvement journey-very exciting! Her eye health was unremarkable and pressures within normal range.

Jacqui’s glasses are some years old and were measured at:

R -4.75/-0.50 x 7
L -4.75/-0.50 x 1

I found her to achieve 20/20 vision with -4.25 in each eye and no astigmatism! In contact lenses I issued her a trial prescription and we found -3.75 to work well which is brilliant-already less than 4D with no astigmatism either. I then checked a ‘Bates/exercise’ prescription in her glasses and we came to -3.25 for this which really is great and so positive.

I look forward to seeing Nin next year and of course have advised she can contact me anytime if needed.

All the best and thank you again,


May 2021

(For Sandra, whose prescription before starting Bates work was: R -6.75, L -6.50, with -1.00 of astigmatism in both eyes).

Afternoon Charlotte ,

I hope you’re well . Thank you for referring Sandra. She has already come so far just within two weeks so I imagine a speedy improvement for her .
Today’s examination showed her full prescription to still allow her to meet the driving standard.

For general use when needed she was comfortable in a -5.00 in each eye with no astigmatism And in sunglasses she is comfortable with trying -4.00.
That’s remarkable !

I look forward to hearing of her progress,

November 2020

Hi Charlotte ,
I hope you’re well ..
Just to let you know I saw lovely Selena today. She is already doing so well !
I found we could reduce her prescription by 1.5 Dioptres already ! And one single vision prescription is suitable as a Bates distance pair as well as allowing Selena to read and see the screen – remarkable ! It was found to be
R -5.50/-1.00 x 90
L -6.00/-0.75 x 100
I gave her a copy to go and see an optician locally to her.
Her eye health is being checked under Ophthalmology care given her recent RE retinal detachment, but all today looked healthy .

I look forward to hearing about her progress

Many thanks


The following is a message I received from a client recently, outlining her improvements:
Oct 2020

Dear Charlotte,
I wanted to tell you about the positive changes that happened with my vision recently.
I went to run with my husband and took off my glasses. I didn’t even realise I didn’t have them on except when it was time to read prices in a shop something like 2 hours later. I did not use them in the shop. I just decided to bend down to see the price.
The sunning is really good. I should do more of it.
I am very happy with the improvements in my vision. Recently I have been thinking about the fact that when I first started vision lessons, many years ago, (before I came to see you), my prescription glasses were -6.75, but after starting this work, my vision became stable at -5.50, which is how it was when I first came to you. Nowadays, after working with you for about a year, on and off, I use – 3:00 for most things. It’s not totally clear (-3.50 is better) but it is enough for me to see around. My prescription for driving is -5:50 I think.
In the days when I had a high prescription, I always had strong flashes in my eyes sometimes a few months apart. I used to have to go to Moorfields Eyes Hospital to check if my retina was torn, as I had had vitreous detachments in the past, due to a lot of stress I was experiencing in my life at that time. They always checked then told me it was normal, just part of getting older.
I know now that the glasses were the reason I had these flashes so often. I’ve rarely had a flash since I started vision improvement lessons with you, even when I did not apply everything I learned all the time. As with anything natural, there is the need to be consistent, and practice regularly, but gradually it works. It can take years, (but less if you spend more time on it of course!) and it works.
Anyway thank you for your hard work, and also thanks again for the group classes I’m doing alongside the 1:1’s with you – they’re really interesting!
Best wishes,

October 2019

Dear Charlotte,

Thank you for referring Sam to me for an examination. He came for an assessment yesterday and it was a pleasure to meet him and I am so excited to report my findings.Sam explained his history and that he has only recently started Bates work. His current glasses are varifocals to the prescription below:

R -2.75/-2.00 x 7
L -2.75/-2.00 x 5
Add +2.00

He has been finding them uncomfortable and I also noted the glasses didn’t have an anti glare coating on which does also contribute to less comfortable vision.I carried out a full examination and found Sam’s retinal health to be clear (with Optomap scans) and ocular pressures to be within normal range.As Sam drives the first prescription I checked was his full one to give him the clearest ‘instant’ vision possible and amazingly this has significantly reduced already from what he was wearing. It is:

R -2.00/-1.50 x 10 6/5
L -2.00/-0.75 x 5 6/5
Add +1.50 for near (or of course by taking his glasses off he can see perfectly for close distances)
Add +1.00 for intermediate (dashboard/computer)

He then did some palming before I checked his Bates (reduced) prescription which I assessed in the testing room but more importantly outside in more ‘real life’ situations. This was

R -1.00/-1.50 x 10
L -1.00/-0.75 x 5

As you can see from all the above his myopia and astigmatism has significantly improved and I have no doubt this will continue to do so.I look forward to hearing about Sam’s progress and in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Many thanks again,
(BscHons) MCOptom
Consultant Optometrist


Good morning Charlotte,

I understand you recently ran a Bates workshop-that’s great ! Sarah really enjoyed it and it was lovely to meet her on Tuesday and I carried out a full contact lens and sight test examination. All the important health checks were clear (pressures and retinal examination; we have new Optos retinal scanning equipment enabling advanced retinal imaging which is very reassuring .

She brought in her contact lens prescription details; R -9.00 with a +2.50 Add and L -8.50 with a +2.00 Add.

She had 2 single vision distance pairs with her; one she found too strong and the other more comfortable.

R -10.00/-0.25 x 40

L -9.75/-0.25 x 160 (strong pair)

R -9.25/-025 x 40

L -9.00/-0.25 x 160 (more comfortable pair)

What we found was quite remarkable as for contact lenses her prescription has come down to -8.00 in each eye (no multifocal needed!) – she could see 6/6 both eyes and read N6. I have just spoken to her and this is working well so far but we are going to review it in a few days to be sure.

Her glasses prescription is also down to -9.00 in each eye and with this she was achieving 6/6, N6 so I am arranging this prescription into her own frames and will get these sent to Sarah as soon as they are ready.

Many thanks for the referral and if you would like me to send you some cards and also some information on the clinical health tests carried out please do send me an address and I’ll get that over to you.

Sarah is hoping to see you soon and I look forward to hearing about her progress.

Kind regards,


(BscHons) MCOptom

Consultant Optometrist


Dear Charlotte,

Hello! How are you? It was a pleasure to meet Jane and her family today and the results we found were remarkable!

Her eyes are very healthy and I am amazed at her commitment to Bates for her age!

Jane’s last prescription (from her previous optician) was:

R -1.00/-5.00 x 10

L -1.50/ -4.75 x 170

and today I found :

Both eyes unaided 6/10 pushed.

6/15- R 0/-2.00 x 10 6/10

6/15- L -0.50/-1.75 x 170 6/10

Jane explained that she sometimes has difficulties with the board and would like some ‘Bates’ glasses to help. I found the prescription above to help but her eyes were definitely fighting a prescription as they are so strong on their own. I am organising some glasses and will send them to her for us when she finds them helpful. Otherwise the plan is to continue with you and the exercise regime she is on and I look forward to hearing her progress.

Many thanks for the referral,


(BscHons) MCOptom

Consultant Optometrist

September 2022

Dear Charlotte,
It was a pleasure to meet Nicola today and she is doing so well so quickly! It’s fantastic..

Her current glasses are: R -6.25/-0.75 x 115 and L -6.25/-0.50 x 140

Today we carried out a full Bates examination including all health checks (retina, pressures and visual fields which were all unremarkable).

Initial full prescription has already come down to: R -6.00/-0.50 x 120 and L -6.00DS (no astigmatism!!) and then after palming the Bates/reduced prescription for room and computer use was found to be: R -4.00 and L -4.00, no astigmatism in either eye and with this Nicola could see 6/15 and small print comfortably at computer distance.

This is so encouraging and a lot of the time Nicola is already managing without any prescription.

I will review in 1 year or sooner if needed.

Many thanks as always,


Dec 2020

Hi Charlotte ,

It was a pleasure to meet John today and see him for an examination .
He is doing really well and in his current glasses (R-3.75 L-4.00) can see 6/6 so will keep these for driving .
He explained he is wearing lenses much less and going without glasses a fair amount too .
I found his Bates reduced prescription to be -2.50 in each eye which is fantastic !
He will use these for computer , indoor use ( cooking etc ) .

I am sure he will improve very quickly and look forward to seeing John when he feels ready for another prescription check .Thank you

Oct 2020

Dear Charlotte,
It was a pleasure to meet Olivia yesterday. I carried out a full Bates examination. Healthwise all is well with pressure and retinas of both eyes.
Olivia is new to Bates and keen to improve. We discussed her vision and prescription at length and came to the conclusion that her glasses are best kept as they are (as R -7.50/-0.50 x 180 L-5.50/-0.50 x 5) as this is still technically her full prescription. Olivia prefers lens wear over glasses so following checks in and out of the testing room I feel that trying a reduced contact lens prescription is the best way to improve the vision. She is going to order contact lenses R-6.00 L-4.50 or perhaps even less and monitor how she gets on. The advantage of contact lenses ofcourse is that she can do this much easier than having lots of different pairs of glasses made.
Good luck Olivia!
Many thanks


Dear Charlotte,
Thank you for referring this lovely lady to me. It was a pleasure to meet her and in the short time of practising Bates (just two lessons!) she is already doing so well. Laura came in wearing R -4.25 L -5.25 and I found her to be comfortable in R -3.00 L -3.50!! Quite amazing! I am changing the lenses in her glasses to this prescription. Her eyes were healthy and so for clinical check she will be on regular 2 year recall and vision checks in between as often as needed.
Thanks again and I look forward to hearing about Laura’s progress.
(BscHons) MCOptom
Consultant Optometrist


Hi Charlotte ,

I hope you’re well and enjoying the summer ..

It was such a pleasure to meet Nina today . An interesting lady who is doing very well already with her Bates work !

She explained her main issue was the prism that has been prescribed over the years and that increased a lot in March this year .

I found her eye pressure to be within normal range and retinas healthy . She does have a cataract in her left eye which she is aware of .

I found her right eye prescription to have improved by 0.25 with the myopia and also astigmatism and although the left eye prescription was stable she was accepting less prism which is fantastic !

…She manages remarkably well without glasses for everything else and is practising Bates regularly and the benefits are coming through .

I look forward to being part of her vision journey and have explained she can email / call me anytime with queries / new observations etc and I will review her next when ready ( I imagine this will be around spring time in the new year )

Many thanks for the referral ,


(BscHons) MCOptom

Consultant Optometrist


Dear Charlotte,

I hope you’re well! Thank you for referring this lovely gentleman to me for an assessment. I saw him on Tuesday and carried out an extensive assessment of prescription.

George’s current glasses are R -6.50/-0.25 x 100 (Balance as no central vision from this eye) and L -8.00/-1.00 x 95. He explained these do feel uncomfortable and a little too strong.

I am so pleased with what we found as his driving prescription (and the strongest he would ever wear/need) is already down to L -7.00/-1.25 x 95 and his ‘Bates’ /reduced pair for around the house and out and about when he is comfortable is L -5.50/-0.75 x 95. His right eye will always be what we call a balance lens where it is given the same prescription to aid cosmetic balance.

In terms of vision in the driving prescription George is seeing 6/6 and in the reduced pair 6/15 which I believe will get better. I checked either side of this prescription (stronger/weaker) and this was the most comfortable with enough room for improvement too.

I am excited and pleased that George is already doing so well so a very encouraging first visit and I look forward to the journey ahead.

Many thanks again


(BscHons) MCOptom

Consultant Optometrist


Dear Charlotte,

Hello ! I’d like to introduce myself although I think you may already know a little about me as you kindly referred Rob to me for an eye examination .

Firstly I am writing to you from my personal address as our practice email is down today and I was keen to get this message to you as soon as possible .

I am a partner at Eyecare opticians ( and have been interested in Bates method and also a more holistic approach to eye care for some years . A patient kindly introduced me to a teacher of the Bates Method a few years ago and since then I began an amazing journey helping patients reduce the need / eliminate their glasses and lenses together with Bates’ teachers support . The results have been remarkable !

Rob explained he has been having Skype sessions with you and he attended for an examination as a new patient to me earlier today. He explained he had been shortsighted since childhood but never a full time glasses wearer. He was wearing the following:

R -3.00/0.50 x 120
L -2.75/-0.50 x 65

Rob explained he has never been that comfortable in this prescription. He also said he practises techniques everyday and is very committed to reducing his prescription . Today a full eye examination revealed healthy retinas , normal pressures and muscle balance.

We worked on what the lowest prescription was that Rob was still able to see comfortably with and remarkably it has already come down to -2.00 in each eye with no astigmatism ! He was reading 6/7.5 with this comfortably and parts of 6/6 at a push ! He does not drive so we do not have legal standards to meet. His reading and computer distance vision is clear without prescription .

I am so impressed with his progress and only expect it to continue. I am arranging to make up a pair of glasses with this prescription which I will send out to Sean as soon as they’re ready.

Please do let me know if you have any queries about this or anything else I can help with. I am more than happy to see patients who require this sort of assistance and run clinics here on Tuesdays and Thursdays for this.

Many thanks,


(BscHons) MCOptom

Consultant Optometrist