Laughter Reflections No.1!

Monday has come around again and tomorrow I’ll be hosting another of my weekly Laughter Yoga Sessions on Zoom!

I’m really looking forward to it!

We start at 7.45pm with hellos etc, and after some preliminary warm-ups,  we’ll laugh (with fun exercises and deep breathing), for approx. 15 mins (in order to get all the amazing health benefits), and finish at around 8.15/8.20pm.

More info and a donation link is here:

And here’s the first of my thoughts and research findings on Laughter:

Intentional laughter has been proven to boost our mood within minutes of starting to laugh and, when practised regularly, people notice that they begin to laugh more, and also more often! They begin to see the funny side of things much more of the time, and see the world in a brighter, more optimistic way.

Dr Bernie Siegel (author of “Love, Medicine and Miracles” and “The Beginner’s Humor and Healing”, writes: “Be a healer and spread joy through humour and laughter. The world is a human comedy if we but see it that way. Yes, it is a tragic comedy at times, but he who laughs lasts. Remember it is not healthy to be serious and normal. Trying to be normal is only for those who feel inadequate. So be a carrier and spread joy and healing…”

Join us on a Monday evenings to spread the healing energy of laughter to this tragic-comedy world; fill your hearts and minds with the healing magic laughter – and a lot of very beneficial childlike silliness  – just notice how much better you feel!

And it’s all scientifically proven!