6 Weeks to Better Eyesight Live Group Zoom Course 1 for Beginners & Refreshers

6 live sessions on Zoom

– Catch up with the videos and notes if you join late – 


FREE 1 hour
1:1 Lesson


+ Private Webpage for all info sheets, notes, downloadable vision charts and homework


30 mins for Questions & Answers –

15 minutes at start and end of each lesson


To Book: Contact Charlotte

2024 dates tbc –

contact me if you’d like to go on the waiting list

Improve your vision naturally – suitable for ALL vision types and all ages.

Catch up if you have to miss a session, or start the course late 

– lesson videos and notes sent to you after each lesson 

Learn how to:

improve the clarity, comfort and quality of your vision yourself,

care for your eyes,

maintain and regain good vision,

improve visual well-being,

release eye strain,

& address any specific visual challenges you face 

Every lesson will include a guided Palming and time for your questions. 

Experience your vision improving over the six weeks, and discover how the method works and what especially switches on clear vision for you, and what switches it off.

Work closely with me –

a very experienced, skilled, insightful, knowlegeable and empathetic vision teacher,

and I’ll support you all the way, in helping you build new, better habits of vision care and seeing that will naturally give you clearer, more comfortable vision, over the long-term.

Benefit from the group setting, learning from the other participants, and gaining extra insight from their contributions and questions.

This is a truly life enriching, vision enhancing course, packed with techniques to help you improve your vision and see more clearly at every level

What’s included: 

  • 6 weekly/fortnightly 90 mins lessons including 30 mins for Q&A
  • Private Group Webpage for all information sheets, notes, updates and homework instructions
  • Option to attend Six of the weekly Zoom Laughter Yoga sessions with Charlotte to relax mind, body and eyes, for FREE
  • Plenty of Q&A time – 15 mins at the start and end of every lesson for you to ask any questions you have
  • Small Group – lots of individual attention 
  • Test your vision at the start of the course and at the end, to accurately measure your progress
  • All Vision Charts provided as quality digital downloads
  • All visual problems within the group will be addressed
  • Comprehensive information sheets and video recordings posted after each lesson on the group Webpage
  • Extra Guided Palming audio tracks given to you to practise with
  • Revisit the course at any time for half-price

BOOK NOW to save your place –

commit to caring for your eyes 

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Weekly Laughter Yoga Club Sessions! By Donation

Make your own High 


intentional laughter, giggles & silliness!

Boost your immune system, improve your physical, mental & emotional health –

relaxing, uplifting & confidence boosting!

Intentional, therapeutic laughter practice –

just fake it to get ALL the same benefits as spontaneous laughter!

Your body and brain can’t tell the difference!

Release stress and tension in your mind, body

and eyes 🙂

Scientifically shown to release a cascade of endorphins

& mood boosting chemicals into the body and brain

within minutes

Laughter  Yoga helps us to see the world with a more relaxed,

joyful and open-hearted perspective–

your eyes and your whole body will benefit!

A great way to help relax your visual system


a wonderful way just to feel happier and healthier MORE of the time

Weekly on Mondays

led by Charlotte,

a qualified Laughter Yoga Leader & Teacher

2024 DATES:

 29th Jan, 5th Feb, 12th, 19th, 26th, 4th March, 11th, 18th, 25th, 1st April etc


19.45-20.15 pm UK time

In-person in Long Crendon, and Zoom,

This class is drop-in and pay what you can. 

Book here by donation  – any amount from £0-5: Donate and Book

Times are tough for many, so just pay what you can afford – you don’t have to miss out if you can’t afford a donation

Contact: [email protected]

Looking forward to laughing with you soon!xx:):)

Watch a Video Extract of a Zoom Laughter Yoga Session

Sessions Structure – what we do:

19.45-19.55  – Arrive, Log on, Greet, chat, catch up with each other

19.55-20.10  – Laughter Yoga exercises

20.10-20.15  – Calming and becoming present with mindful grounding techniques

…and then Goodbyes till next time! 🙂


Clear Vision Small Group Workshop at the Wellum Clinic

Clear Vision Small Group Workshop

at the

The Wellum Clinic Thame

When: 2024 – date tbc – Saturday 9.30-1pm


Did you know you can improve your eyesight yourself, with simple and relaxing techniques?

Learn the fundamentals for improving your eyesight naturally

in this small group workshop

with Charlotte – a natural eyesight improvement teacher with over 20 years’ experience

Practise effective, fun & relaxing vision-improving techniques

Learn how to relax your vision on the go with some outdoor work (weather permitting)

Learn to use light to improve your vision, indoors and out

Experiment with simple and effective vision improving Props

Suitable for Everyone – long-sight, short-sight, reading vision, astigmatism, squints etc..all ages, all vision types

Workshop Schedule: 

9.30-9.50 am  – Arrive & intro on how natural vision improvement works – what switches on good vision/what switches it off

9.50-10.30 – Learn essential, fundamental habits for building natural, clear and comfortable vision

10.30-10.45 – Experiment with useful visual props for releasing eyestrain and improving your vision

10.45-11.00 – Break – teas, coffee & biscuits provided

11.00-11.45 – Relax your eyes and release strain with palming, memory, visualisation, visual system relaxation and light

11.45-12.00 – Break – teas, coffe & biscuits provided

12.00-1pm – Gentle excerises to activate both brain hemispheres, exercises using sunlight, practisE mindful visual connection – Outdoors in park , weather permitting – alternatively, we’ll practise the same techniques indoors

Finish – Useful notes emailed to you afterwards

Contact Charlotte for more info/to book

Places will be limited, so please register your interest well in advance

3 x 1:1 Lessons Starter or Re-starter Programme – 1:1 Lesson Package

  • 3 Lesson ‘Starter or Re-starter’ Programme - 1:1 Discount Package – this discounted 1:1 programme is packed with useful tips and techniques, focussing on improving your vision as fast as possible. New clients – make a start on your vision improvement NOW, and past clients –  get back on track again with their vision practice! You'll be expertly guided by me all the way. Choose the dates that suit you. This is an amazing opportunity and excellent value at £255! Maximum one course per person - Book Here


Fast-Track Intensive to Clarity’ 12 x 1:1 Lessons Programme

  • 12 x 1:1 Lessons Package -  ‘Fast-Track Intensive to Clarity’ Programme – Get truly committed to making a big difference to your vision and visual well-being. With this programme, you’ll be totally on-track. with dedication, consistency and focus!
  • Choose dates that suit you best – spread out or weekly



  • Comprehensive information handouts on techniques we cover in lessons
  • A wide range of Vision Charts
  • All lesson audio/video recordings
  • Extra Palming audio recordings
  • My priority attention to your questions in between lessons.


  • 12 x 60 mins Vision Lessons
  • 2 x 25 minute optional online Vision Walks to learn how to keep improving your eyesight when you're out and about
  • 2 x 20 minute personalised Vision Training Videos
  • 12 x Optional Weekly Group Zoom Laughter Yoga Sessions to relax body, mind, spirit and vision - for FREE
  • 20% off plus priority booking, for all SeeNaturally Group Classes, Workshops, and Online Courses, for 12 months from date of package purchase
  • Discounted Total: £1010

To book online: Buy 12 Week Programme or  Buy directly with Charlotte


Route to Clearer Vision – 6 x 1:1 Lessons Programme

  • 6 x 1:1 Lessons Package -  ‘Route to Clearer Vision’ Programme- Unravel long-term habits of strain that have been holding you back from clear vision! You’ll experience what natural vision improvement is all about, and how to use effective techniques to help you get clearer, more comfortable eyesight. Develop effective daily/weekly practice routines and notice your vision improving day by day. This is a great course for anyone who is committed to making lasting change to their vision, fast.
  • Choose dates to suit your schedule – spread out or weekly
  • Additional bonus: Two 20 min training videos made especially for you, are included in this fast-track programme and one 15 minute optional online Vision Walk.


  • Comprehensive information handouts on techniques we cover in lessons
  • Two 20 min training videos made especially for you
  • Optional 15 minute online Vision Walk
  • A wide range of Vision Chart downloads, all lesson audio/video recordings
  • Extra Palming audio recordings
  • Priority attention to your questions in between lessons
  • Optional 6 x Weekly Group Zoom Laughter Yoga Sessions to relax body, mind, spirit and vision - for FREE
  • Plus, your questions answered in between lessons and my priority attention


       Discounted Total: £520

       Buy online here

Or buy directly with Charlotte: Email Charlotte 

60 min 1:1 Blended Natural Vision Improvement Techniques with Laughter Yoga

Relax! Your eyes will love you for it and respond well to your new sense of playful connection with life.

Release some of the stress you're unconsciously holding on to in your mind, body and visual system.

Practise effective visual improvement techniques while you laugh! Experience both healing modalities combined in a Blended Laughter Yoga & Vision Improvement class and experience the positive effects on your mood and vision!

Laughter practice is life-changing and so is natural vision improvement  - begin your journey to greater emotional freedom and improved visual clarity now!

Vision Walk with Charlotte

Vision WALK with Charlotte by audio or video call

Get outdoors into natural light and fresh air to have a lesson Al Fresco! Learn how to improve your vision as you walk - practise simple techniques you can do on a daily basis to improve your visual experience and relax your eyes. Helpful notes emailed to you afterwards.

45 minutes - £60

Book here 

Releasing Strain from Tired Blurry eyes

3 hour Group Workshop – £50

Learn simple, effective techniques to relax and rejuvenate your eyes and begin to clear up your vision

– Release strain from your eyes and begin to see more clearly and easily at all distances.

– Find out how to maintain relaxed, unstrained eyes, and keep improving your eyesight – a fun, practical and fascinating workshop for all

– Tea & coffee and useful notes provided


In-person – Healthy Stuff Complementary Clinic, Marlow – Sat 29th April, 10am – 1pm

On Zoom – Sat 6th May, 9.30am-12pm, & 3pm (10am EST) – the audio recording will be sent to you

To Book: Contact Charlotte

Screen Use Group Workshop

Screen Use – How to Avoid Strain and Maintain Good Vision while using Screens – 3 hour Group Workshop – £50
Worried about screens damaging your vision, or your children’s vision?

Learn how to:

– Minimise vision damage from screen use

– Recover from Computer Strain if you have it and how to avoid it

– Use vision-improving techniques while on a screen, to avoid strain and fatigue

– Make screen time more relaxing and positive for your eyes.

-Learn & practice effective, fundamental Bates Method techniques to relax your eyes and see more clearly on- and off-screen

-Help your family’s vision through better screen use

A relaxing, enjoyable and practical workshop for all ages and vision difficulties

Tea & coffee and useful notes provided


In Person

Healthy Stuff, Marlow, Sat 10th June, 10-1pm

Thame Barns Centre: Sat 24th June, 2023 10-1pm

On Zoom – Sat 17th June, 10-1pm. Also at 3pm (10am EST). The audio recording will be sent to you

To Book: Contact Charlotte