6 live sessions on Zoom – 2024 dates tbc

– Catch up with the videos and notes if you join late – 


FREE 1 hour
1:1 Lesson


+ Private Webpage for all info sheets, notes, downloadable vision charts and homework


30 mins for Questions & Answers –

15 minutes at start and end of each lesson


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2024 dates tbc –

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Improve your vision naturally – suitable for ALL vision types and all ages.

Catch up if you have to miss a session, or start the course late 

– lesson videos and notes sent to you after each lesson 

Learn how to:

improve the clarity, comfort and quality of your vision yourself,

care for your eyes,

maintain and regain good vision,

improve visual well-being,

release eye strain,

& address any specific visual challenges you face 

Every lesson will include a guided Palming and time for your questions. 

Experience your vision improving over the six weeks, and discover how the method works and what especially switches on clear vision for you, and what switches it off.

Work closely with me –

a very experienced, skilled, insightful, knowlegeable and empathetic vision teacher,

and I’ll support you all the way, in helping you build new, better habits of vision care and seeing that will naturally give you clearer, more comfortable vision, over the long-term.

Benefit from the group setting, learning from the other participants, and gaining extra insight from their contributions and questions.

This is a truly life enriching, vision enhancing course, packed with techniques to help you improve your vision and see more clearly at every level

What’s included: 

  • 6 weekly/fortnightly 90 mins lessons including 30 mins for Q&A
  • Private Group Webpage for all information sheets, notes, updates and homework instructions
  • Option to attend Six of the weekly Zoom Laughter Yoga sessions with Charlotte to relax mind, body and eyes, for FREE
  • Plenty of Q&A time – 15 mins at the start and end of every lesson for you to ask any questions you have
  • Small Group – lots of individual attention 
  • Test your vision at the start of the course and at the end, to accurately measure your progress
  • All Vision Charts provided as quality digital downloads
  • All visual problems within the group will be addressed
  • Comprehensive information sheets and video recordings posted after each lesson on the group Webpage
  • Extra Guided Palming audio tracks given to you to practise with
  • Revisit the course at any time for half-price

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