Clear Vision Essentials Workshop VIDEO RECORDING, NOTES & CHARTS

Clear Vision Essentials Workshop

Watch the 2 hours, 15 mins Video Recording in your own time!

Comprehensive Notes & Charts sent to you automatically

All you need to know

to get started on your improving your vision today

Release visual strain to

get closer to the clear vision you want!

For absolute beginners,

or refresh what you already know

 All the first step essentials you need

to relax your mind, body

and eyes

and start seeing more clearly again

Clear Vision Essentials Workshop Video Recording

15 mins of recorded Q&As


additional Guided Palm Audio recording included

+ Comprehensive Handouts & Charts sent to you


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What you’ll learn:

  • Essential vision habits for good, clear vision
  • Fundamental techniques of vision improvement
  • Inner sight – what inner state of being helps us to see better and improve visual difficulties
  • How to rest the eyes with palming and sunning
  • Using light to relax the visual system and promote better functioning of the eyes
  • Learn simple Water Therapy techniques to improve receptivity of the eyes to vision improvmeent
  • Using the optical illusion of movement to improve vision
  • Harnessing the relaxing power of memory to see more clearly
  • Using breath, relaxation techniques and emotional healing to help your vision
  • 15 mins of recorded Q&A at end of workshop

Included with the workshop:

  • The Workshop Video recording 
  • A live Guided Palm in the Workshop
  • All Handouts & Vision Charts
  • An additional Guided Palming Audio recording sent to you
  • Option to join 1x Zoom group Laughter Yoga session for body & mind de-stressing for FREE

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