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Laughter for Everyone – Discover the healing power of laughter!

Join the weekly FREE Laughter Yoga Club session on Zoom, every Monday at 11:00-11.15 am UK time, from 6th Dec 2021

Laugh if you feel like it and laugh even if you don’t feel like it – you’ll still get the all benefits!

A chance to be silly, light-hearted, playful and to practise fake laughing for 15 minutes – for all the health and well-being benefits that laughter gives us. It feels great! Drop in and stay for as long as you want! Just copy what we do. Fake it till it feels more natural – your body and brain can’t tell the difference!

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Why is it called Yoga? It’s called Laughter Yoga because:

What is Laughter Yoga?

WHY laugh intentionally in a Laughter Club session?

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First EyeLoveToLaugh laughter club session on 6th Dec 2021,  The Christmas Laughter Club session!


Attend the Zoom Laughter Yoga & Meditation Workshop with BATES Techniques, on 12th Feb 2022: You’ll learn about Laughter Yoga & Laughter Meditation – how and why to do it, how to integrate it into your life, and how to use it with Bates techniques to strengthen your vision improvement practice: Laughter Yoga Workshop

OR: Book a private laughter Yoga coaching session with me: Lessons Page.

Become happier, more joyful and light hearted – become a laughing person! It’s so easy when you know how!


Laughter Yoga has changed my life, and this is why I want to share this wonderful practice.

How Laughter Yoga has helped me:

Intentional laughter, as it is done in Laughter Yoga – has helped me get through many challenging times in my life; it has taught me to be more light-hearted, to reconnect with a child-like sense of joy and fun, and helped me build greater resilience to life’s inevitable ups and downs- and it will continue to do so! I’m so grateful that I found this wonderful practice, which is so simple that I can do it anywhere and almost anytime (silent and inner laughter are very portable!)

Laughter Yoga Background:


Regular laughing – for no reason other than that it is good for us – has been scientifically proven in many medical studies, to boost physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. And when these are boosted, the vision is also helpedbecause being relaxed and happy can have a very positive effect on the vision! Intentional, sustained laughter relaxes the facial muscles, and changes our mental outlook, often releasing stuck or suppressed emotions which may be stopping us from seeing the world around us clearly. This all combines to have a positive effect on visual acuity, and we also then see colours more vividly. In fact, a good laugh clears not just the eyes but the ears and nose, too, and can improve your sense of smell, according to this article: Laughter in Hello Magazine  And here’s another article on the psychological and physical benefits of laughter: Laughing is good for mind and body – here’s the research.

The body and mind don’t know the difference between and real and fake laughter so when we laugh intentionally, that is, fake it, we still get the same health benefits as we do from natural, spontaneous laughter. Within minutes, relaxing and uplifting brain chemicals are released into the brain and body, blood circulation is increased, oxygen levels in the blood are increased and, with regular practise, lung capacity is improved, the immune system is strengthened, physical and emotional resilience are improved – and we also get a real and felt increased sense of social connection. With regular practise of Laughter Yoga, we feel much more energetic, healthy, and more easily able to laugh, more of the time.

Dr Bernie Siegel wrote in his book “Love, Medicine and Miracles”: “We must learn to give fun a high priority in life…not only does play make you feel good; it’s a disinhibitor that opens the door to creativity, an essential element of…. inner change.”… He writes that laughter is like “internal jogging”…or a “deep massage”…and releases brain chemicals which reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, reduce pain and increase the production of endorphins, the body’s natural relaxing hormones.

People suffering from chronic pain and illness have found that Laughter Yoga has benefitted them hugely. It’s now used in businesses, hospitals, schools, prisons, with the disabled, in the military, and even in kindergartens – and its benefits are becoming more and more widely recognised, accompanied by much scientific evidence from extensive medical research to back it up.

Laughter Yoga shows us how to laugh through challenges and laugh off difficulties – it’s a wonderful coping mechanism to learn for getting through life more easily. It can change your mood within minutes – and even release old, stuck emotions, freeing us up to experience more joy, peacefulness and appreciation on a daily basis. With regular practise, laughter starts to flow from us more of the time, naturally. We become happier people. It’s changed my life – let it change yours.

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