“Thanks so much, Charlotte. I absolutely LOVED today’s session. Left inspired and fascinated.” 

“I haven’t worn my glasses since I visited you….I even read a small print newspaper article the next day, which I usually avoid like the plague haha…by relaxing, breathing and blinking.  I’ve told several people about your work, which I think is amazing.”

“After the first lesson my vision was so much better and had totally opened up!”

“Thank you for a very interesting first lesson this morning. I feel more relaxed and have clearer vision”

“There’s definitely a big improvement, and I’m much less reliant on glasses than I used to be”

“Since I started working with you, I can definitely feel that my eyes are not so tense anymore, and my double vision has almost completely disappeared”.

“I just wanted to let you know how happy I am to have met *you* properly and how fantastic it was to have a lesson with you on Friday. I got your brilliant email and notes, of course, and have downloaded my lesson recording…Thank you also very much for such thorough notes and follow-up. Fantastically, I’ve already noticed a shift for the better!“


Offers for you- change your life and vision:

Learn how to see better, get rid of your glasses, and improve your visual health. Useful notes sent afterwards with the lesson audio recordings.

Book a lesson now, to get rid of your glasses and start seeing more clearly!

60 minute lesson – £80

35 mins – £45

To book online: 1:1 Lesson Booking

Lessons by video call:

or in person – contact me to arrange (Contact Charlotte):


Ask me your questions on your vision and how to improve it! I look forward to chatting with you soon!

Note: no Q&A session on Monday 6th June 14.55-15.10 on Mondays UK time (09.55-10.10am EST)

Zoom link: Free Weekly Vision Q&A with Charlotte – Meeting ID: 858 0993 2568 – Passcode: Vision

Time Zone Converter Link: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/


New Group Courses starting soon! 

Get rid of your glasses and improve your eyesight for good with the group courses! Learn effective Bates techniques alongside others with similar difficulties, to swiftly improve your vision.

The courses are packed with learning to improve your vision naturally, as fast as possible.

All audio recordings sent to you afterwards with helpful notes.

 I am here to support you and help you to get the most out of  it, and make as much progress as possible. 

To find out more about upcoming courses, Contact Charlotte


-also available on a monthly basis 

-this package can also be tailored to suit your individual needs

Stay on track with your practice and get rid of your glasses even faster with this intensive, motivational 1:1 personal coaching package – here’s what’s included in the package:

2 x 60 mins lessons per week

4 x 20 min Vision Walks (weekly, by phone in your home/outdoors)

1 x 5-10 mins monthly motivational, revision VIDEO – recorded especially for you

1 x Palming Stick – super useful – portable, comfortable and adjustable

All eye charts, helpful notes and lesson audio recordings sent to you by email

20% off plus priority booking for all Group Classes for 8 months from date of package purchase

1 x 25 minute 1:1 Laughter Coaching Session (optional)

All your questions answered by email/text/Whatsapp between lessons

YOUR vision is my priority

Bookings: Contact Charlotte



Put on your headphones and take a walk me! Discover how to relax your vision on the go. Even if you’re just walking around your home or garden, this will be an eye-opener for you! A lesson on the move, you’ll practise using your surroundings to integrate natural vision improvement techniques into your day to day experience, actually increasing clarity even while you’re on the go, outdoors or in.

“My Vision Walk was so helpful and enjoyable. I learnt how to appreciate my eyes and my environment, using different natural vision improvement techniques. Afterwards I felt confident  that I could continue using these new skills to help with my vision success – thank you!” (Jane, short-sighted, -21 diopters, Oct 2020)

Cost: £35 for 30 mins    Click here to book


First Bach Flower Remedy consultation: 50 mins + your remedy posted to you. Please contact me for prices.




Group course participants say:

“Great course, thank you Charlotte!:)”

“We’ve learned so much, I’m enjoying it a lot. I love the group dynamic and find it very motivating and energising. I’d definitely like to do the follow on course…I now have total faith in the method – at the start of the course the news headlines on TV were always blurry, and now they’re becoming much clearer, I’m really pleased!”

“Thank you so much Charlotte. You really have a wealth of knowledge. Very grateful for your help.”

“I’ve found it brilliant, am loving it, thanks so much!” “Incredible value, wow, like a miracle! Feel so grateful to have found it”.

“We’ve loved the webpage with notes and links- it’s brilliant, please don’t ever take it down!”

“You have organised the course so well, and have such good instructions. I’m impressed how well you do things. Its wonderful to know the Bates method is so well organised and supportive.
“I wanted to say what a fabulous session and visualisation you gave yesterday…”
I had tried the sunning and not long afterwards I had a bit of a eureka. I looked at my watch and I could see the face and small print giving the details of the make. I could see everything so clearly for a few moments.  That hasn’t lasted but I know it is possible.  It was a revelation….like a glimpse back into my childhood vision!
“I was very encouraged by hearing about J’s progress in the class recording the other day. I have also noticed that I needed a lower level for my computer glasses, and the distance vision glasses seem too strong…I was delighted about these improvements. And it gave me even more motivation to be regular on the exercises. I have taken off my glasses even more recently”.

“Thank you Charlotte, really enjoyed the session – especially enjoyed the guided palming!”  

“I really enjoyed the lesson as I was able to review some concepts. And I still learnt some things. Thank you!” (Intermediates’ Course participant who dropped in on a Beginners’ class.)

 “I am really enjoying the classes and am already noticing a difference in my abilities to read things I couldn’t previously…” (After listening to two of the class audio recordings).
“Thank you so much for your knowledge and care during the sessions. Your voice is so soothing, it makes me feel very relaxed. I noticed when I do the blinking exercises more often my vision shows a significant improvement. I love the palming too. I am looking forward to the next class!”
“Thank you so much, Charlotte. The course is excellent and I shall see a friend of mine might come to you. I wonder if you do vouchers as I could get one for her birthday…” 
“I’ve just been listening to last week’s recording which I found really helpful!”
“I have loved the classes and found the exercises most beneficial..”


Comments from workshops: 
















A selection of calming meditations for Palming, read by Charlotte for children and adults.

For more information or to book a lesson or course, please contact Charlotte at charlotte@seenaturally.co.uk

I look forward to hearing from you! 🙂


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