“I haven’t worn my glasses since I visited you….I even read a small print newspaper article the next day, which I usually avoid like the plague haha…by relaxing, breathing and blinking.  I’ve told several people about your work, which I think is amazing.”

“After the first lesson my vision was so much better and had totally opened up!”

“Thank you for a very interesting first lesson this morning. I feel more relaxed and have clearer vision”

Before your first vision lesson, if possible, please obtain an up to date assessment/prescription from an optician, as this will help to guide us in the work we do together.

Please book online if possible, for 1:1 lessons and the Pay-as-you-go classes.

For further info contact Charlotte on: Tel: 07960 977768 or charlotte@seenaturally.co.uk.




Order the audio recording if you can’t make it in person

Each class will include a guided palming for visual relaxation and vision improvement

New topics and practical techniques covered every week. Progress on to the Intermediates’ course once you’ve done the Beginners’ course to continue your vision improvement journey.

Only for course participants: discounted 1:1 lessons with Charlotte to further consolidate and practise, or to address individual issues: £30 for 35 minutes and £60 for 60 minutes. In addition, Intermediate course participants who wish to gain extra practice or revise are welcome to drop in the Beginners’ course whenever they like. A single session costs £9.00.

Course cost and booking: Cost for Intermediates’ course (until end of 2020): £64 plus a small booking fee charged by the online payment provider. To book, please email Charlotte: Charlotte@seenaturally.co.uk, and online booking will open soon.

Cost for Beginner’s course: £72 plus a small booking fee charged by the online payment provider.

“Thank you Charlotte, Really enjoyed the session – especially enjoyed the guided palming!”  

 “I am really enjoying the classes and am already noticing a difference in my abilities to read things I couldn’t previously…” (After listening to two of the class audio recordings).
“I’ve just been listening to last week’s recording which I found really helpful!”

Clear up your vision, release eyestrain, and increase the comfort of your vision. Notice improvements in just a few classes and find out how to keep on improving your vision in future, yourself! Learn useful and practical new techniques each week, ask questions, and enjoy a relaxing and inspirational guided Palming led by Charlotte…starting soon!






All too often we put ourselves last on our list of priorities, and that goes for our vision too. I used to be like that but have learned the hard way, how important it is to learn good self-care techniques to regularly replenish our cup of energy and health. This then allows us to be able to continue to give to others, and also prevent vision and general health problems from developing or getting worse. Join me to (re)learn useful and easy techniques and thought processes to get back on track with putting ourselves first and improving our quality of life and vision. In this class we use visual self-care and mood enhancing techniques to relax our visual system and to feel better, enabling us to gain a bit more control over our busy lives, and to include regular care for ourselves and our vision. It can be followed in addition to any of the other lesson offers on this page. 


  • New group Zoom Course: COMPUTER VISION  

A six week course to learn how to reduce, avoid and release eye strain while using a computer. Learn and practise simple techniques to help you use the computer in a way that preserves your vision rather than harming it.

When: weekday evening, 8-9pm UK time, starting soon, contact Charlotte to register, £8 (discounted for Coronavirus times).


  • Mindful Eyes Zoom weekly class: 40 min Guided Palming sessions with Q&A

Students who easily get into the habit of palming regularly and consistently straight away, make the fastest progress with improving their vision.

Palming provides a wonderful rest for the eyes and whole visual system. It swiftly rests and recharges the eyes, leading to clearer and more comfortable vision.

A 40 minute live online session, comprising a 25 minute guided Palming session, plus the chance for you to ask Charlotte questions about your vision and practice. The audio recording will be sent to you afterwards, so that you can listen to it again at any time.

These sessions are beneficial on their own, or can be done in conjunction with the weekly group Pay-as-you-go-vision improvement classes.

Time: 8.30-9.10pm UK time, weekly, Day- tbc, Start date: August Cost: £6


  • NEW:  The SeeNaturally 20:20 Coaching Package – fast-track your vision improvement with day-to-day coaching, and intensive vision support

Want more support? Fast-track to better vision with Charlotte, who’ll be working daily alongside you, to make 2020 the year you really clear up your vision! You’ll have all the support,  motivation and training you need to speed things up, with this unique monthly package.

For only £135 per month, you get:

  • 1 weekly 20 minute vision coaching session with Charlotte
  • 20% off all 1:1 hour long private lessons with Charlotte, with priority booking
  • All props sent to you (worth £15 incl postage, one-off)
  • 1 weekly 20 minute Vision Walk with Charlotte on the phone
  • All questions answered about your vision and progress, by text/email
  • 1 weekly 5 minute weekly video message/lesson recorded especially for you
  • Attendance at all weekly group zoom classes (with audio recordings and any notes)
  • All zoom class catch-up video(s) so that you can quickly get up to speed
  • 50% discount and priority booking for all group online workshops



  •  Intensive individual or small group lessons:

2 or 3 hour intensive 1:1 lessons (in person only):

Your chance to fast track your learning in a few intensive hours. Some simple props may be included depending on class content. Information sheets will be emailed to you afterwards if needed, as for the usual 1:1 lessons. Book for a friend to come along too!

This is another really popular way to learn and clients love it.

Recent Participant Comments:







Other lesson offers:

Get your mobile phone and headphones ready to take a walk with your vision coach Charlotte! If you’ve already had a few lessons with Charlotte, you’ll be ready to find out how to use your eyes and mind more productively, while you take a walk outdoors, or even just around your own home. You’ll learn how to integrate the techniques more naturally into your daily life. Dr Bates said there are as many hours in a day to use your vision well, as there are to use it badly; find out how to use your vision well and actually improve it, even while you’re on the go, outdoors or in.

Cost: Vision walk with Charlotte on the phone:  £15


2020 Dates to come soon: 

Come join us and try out the Bates Method for yourself!

You’ll take home simple but effective techniques to practise, and all the written notes you’ll need to remind yourself of what we did in the workshop.

Come along and find out what it’s all about! 🙂



Feedback from past group workshop participants:

“Introduced to the Bates Method by Charlotte Schuman [on a workshop] a few months ago, I have been thrilled with the results. As an octogenarian science graduate, my initial attitude was one of profound skepticism – I was wrong! Having worn increasingly strong spectacles for reading since the age of 50, now without glasses I can read the Times from cover to cover. This includes the small print of the share prices, unfortunately!”

“I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who would like to be free of glasses.”

“Thank you Charlotte, I’d never heard of this method of eyesight improvement before. The course exceeded my expectations.

“When I first started, I was seeing double when I read, and now I don’t!”

I thought it would be good, but it was amazing!”

“It was fantastic, thanks so much!”

This short, two week, part-time intro course offers complete flexibility, as you can follow it at your own pace, with no real time limit.

The course provides an introduction to the Bates Method and vision education work. It will help you to develop greater insight into your own vision, and offers a gentle way of getting into the swing of vision work. The course will enable you to make swifter progress in subsequent vision improvement lessons or self-study.

It consists of the following, sent by email:

Note: Designed as a “warm-up” before beginning vision improvement lessons, the course is enlightening, informative, restorative, fun and inspiring, and will help prepare your eyes and mind for working on your vision.

Feedback from participants on the Introductory Correspondence Course:

“I really think the correspondence course is good, because it gives you time to try the activities out and reflect on the new ideas and questions you raise, which one would not be able to do so easily on a weekend or more intensive course where you attend in person.”

“It’s great. Thank you so much!”

“So far we’re really enjoying your course.  I think my eyes feel a bit better” 

“I’m loving the course, it’s absolutely wonderful”

“It’s filling a real gap in my life, in a gentle way, and came at exactly the right time for me”

“It’s amazing, and so much fun! Every day we looked forward to what was in store”

“It’s a fantastic course, with so much in it!”

“It’s inspired Mum to take up Tai Chi again and she’s now motivated to work on her vision and health” 



Note: Further discounts are available if you genuinely need them – please email me. If cost is an issue, why not try out the weekly discounted drop-in group Zoom class? – It’s only £8 per session 🙂



A selection of calming meditations for Palming, read by Charlotte for children and adults.

For more information or to book a lesson or course, please contact Charlotte at charlotte@seenaturally.co.uk

I look forward to hearing from you! 🙂


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