Clear Vision Essentials Workshop – Video & Handouts


Learn all you need to know to get started on your vision improvement journey NOW.

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 Clear Vision Essentials Workshop 

Attend this comprehensive workshop

in your own time –

begin to improve your vision today! 

Get closer

to the clear, comfortable vision you want

Suitable for

ALL vision types

and all visual issues –

Short sight, long-sight, reading vision, astigmatism etc


the essential basics you need

to begin to relax and release strain from your mind, body

and eyes

– begin to start seeing more clearly again


What you’ll get: 

1 x 2 hour and 15 mins Video Recording


20 x comprehensive Handouts


5 x High quality Vision Charts

On payment, you’ll automatically be sent the video recording link & comprehensive notes. The charts and extra palming audio will be sent seperately.  

Workshop Content: 

  • Essential vision habits for good, clear vision
  • Fundamental techniques of vision improvement
  • Inner sight – what inner state of being helps us to see better and improve visual difficulties
  • How to rest the eyes with palming and sunning
  • Using light to relax the visual system and promote better functioning of the eyes
  • Using the optical illusion of movement to improve vision
  • Simple water therapy techniques to relax the eyes and increase receptivity to vision improvement
  • Harnessing the relaxing power of memory to see more clearly
  • Using breath, relaxation techniques and emotional healing to help your vision
  • How to use vision charts to improve your near and distant vision
  • Where to find a Bates trained Optician to help support your vision improvement journey
  • All of the participants’ Q&A’s


  • The Workshop Video recording 
  • A live Guided Palm
  • Comprehensive Information Sheets
  • A selection of useful Vision Charts
  • An additional Guided Palming Audio recording sent to you
  • Option to join 1x Zoom group Laughter Yoga session for body & mind de-stressing for FREE