Zoom classes

Posted on May 21, 2020

Wow! I LOVE group vision classes on Zoom! It was so fun! Today was the first of the pay-as-you-go weekly classes and it won't be the last! Every week on Thursday mornings, I'll be teach participants how to improve their vision naturally, with many useful topics and techniques, followed by a guided palming and a Q&A session. You can join in at any time! Simply let me know you're interested, send payment in advance (which will be donated to the NHS), and I'll send you a short questionnaire to fill out.  You'll receive an audio recording of the class afterwards, or you can order the recording if you can't make the class. You can also order back copies of class recordings. Please join us! The super discounted price is for the time of the Lockdown only. Really hoping you'll join in with the fun and learn to see better, with this low cost, convenient weekly class. It may be the first and only one of its kind, and it is time limited. So...NOW is the time to book your place! See you soon I hope, Charlotte