Weekly Group Zoom Class

Posted on July 5, 2020

Thursdays at 8pm is the new time for the weekly Group Pay-as-you-go Vision Class on Zoom. It's proving very popular, so if you'd like to join this lovely group and learn alongside fellow vision students, please contact me to book your place!

If you worry that you've missed too much already (6 weeks of classes), there's a solution to that: I've recorded a short video to help you to catch up on what you've missed, and get you right up to speed with the class, swiftly and easily. Please simply contact me if you'd like to take up this offer of a video catch-up before you join the class. The price is discounted at £25 - or, alternatively, you could purchase all six class audio recordings for £30.

Don't forget, you also have the option of skipping a catch-up and just joining in with the next class, which will be on Thursday 16th July at 8pm.

I hope to see you there!

Charlotte x