How long will it take and how many lessons will I need?

Posted on February 1, 2016

Everyone's vision is totally individual, and therefore, how many lessons are needed is completely different for each person. Every single person in the world has a different way of interpreting their world, and their vision is just as individual. How they think, how they live, how they move, how they feel, what they've experienced - this is all very individual, and yet it all affects how they see. So as a teacher, my job is to help the individual to improve as swiftly, easily, effectively and enjoyably as possible, to the point where the client feels that they know how to continue to improve their vision on their own, or with only occasional help from a teacher. I want to teach you how to do this work for yourself and to keep on getting great results.

The Bates Method may cause sudden and rapid improvement, but more often, it's a case of weeks and months, even years. But some improvement is usually immediately noticeable, which is very motivating, and it continues throughout the process. This slowness is probably why it hasn't yet caught on into the mainstream (though we hope it will soon!:)) In our goal-oriented, stress-filled western culture, people want quick fixes, which require no or minimal effort on their part, or else they can't be bothered. Fortunately not everyone thinks this way, and they are the ones who try it out and reap the benefits!

Unfortunately, the "quick fix" provided by glasses or operations, doesn't solve or heal the underlying condition actually causing the vision problem. This condition is often due to strain. The relaxing, rehabilitating, regenerating and healing effect of the Bates Method on the eyes and mind, enable the health of the eyes and clarity of vision to return, as much as is possible.

Just like any other part of the body, the eyes can make a recovery back to good health and good vision, particularly if helped with natural methods of relaxation and relearning of good visual habits. To me, this seems to be so logical and so obvious, and yet so many of us still believe that it's impossible.