New Self-Care Course – it’s not selfish to start taking better care of yourself and your vision

Posted on July 14, 2020

Take a look at my new course offering - I think it's a good one, and I've noticed it's what a lot of my clients need to address...

Self-Care for you and your vision - get back on track with being your own best friend - 4 x one hour classes on Zoom

All too often we put ourselves last on our list of priorities, and that goes for our vision too. I used to be like that but have learned the hard way, how important it is to learn good self-care techniques to regularly replenish our cup of energy and health. This then allows us to be able to continue to give to others, and also prevent vision and general health problems from developing or getting worse. Join me to (re)learn useful and easy techniques and thought processes to get back on track with putting ourselves first and improving our quality of life and vision.

Starts in September. Hope you'll join me and also spread the word!

Charlotte :)