Autumn vision work

Posted on September 22, 2020


I'm really enjoying these sparkling, sunny Autumn days. I'm using the gift of this fabulous weather (before it turns grey and cold), to do extra sunning and palming, and just being in the wonderful bright daylight, as much as I can.

The Beginners' and Intermediates' courses have been going really well, and I absolutely love this new way of teaching groups, online. It works so well. Everyone seems to love the relaxing guided palming which we do early on in each class, to relax and refresh our vision before we start learning the new techniques for that day.

So, get outdoors, start practising any vision improvement techniques you are already familiar with, (you know they do you and your vision so much good!), and coax your visual system back to full clarity!

'Till next time!


Charlotte ?☀️?