Now’s the time for 20:20!

Posted on June 28, 2020

Take a look on the Lessons page, and read about the exciting new options I've added for improving your vision naturally, right now: there's the 30 minute Vision Walk on the phone, (outdoors or even simply in your own home); the relaxing Guided Palming sessions on a weekday evening; the new group Zoom class starting on Tuesday evenings at 8pm (NB: order the audio recording if you can't make it in person; the new 6 week Computer Vision course, and membership of the new SeeNaturally 20:20 Vision Club. So many great opportunities to improve your vision naturally in 2020! Get the expertise, motivation and support you need to make this the year that you really improve the clarity of your vision and your life. See you soon! Charlotte x PS: here's the link back to the Lessons page- PHUs9Y0i8G0UtPuSA