Fill your senses with Springtime

Posted on March 4, 2019

Hello Spring, I'm so glad you're back! I love the daffodils and snowdrops, and white blossoms. I like to look closely at the buds on the trees, stoop down to smell the daphne, stretch up to smell the winter viburnum, and wonder at the surge of fresh new growth around me. There are so many different and subtle shades of green and of brown too- so much to notice and so much to delight the senses. Even the air smells different- it's often quite fragrant with the smell of grass and earth, especially when the sun's been shining on it. Are you stopping to notice these things sometimes?

It's so good for our vision to slow down sometimes and just take notice...just to be here, in the moment, and appreciate the small things around us....even if it's just how the shaft of sun that shines in through the window lights up what it touches, and feels warm on the skin....the little things. Our eyes were made for this - use them in this way, and they'll reward you. Blink, breathe, pause, enjoy what you can see with curiosity and awareness - you're also a part of this whole Spring season, so sense it as fully as you can, in all its detail and beauty, let yourself experience it...let it fill your senses with it's joyous energy. Charlotte x