Autumn workshop

Posted on September 8, 2019

Autumn's here and it's time for me to host a brand new group online course!

Book now to join in - start date 14th November - great value at £135 per person (that's just £22.50 per lesson). Plus you'll get a 25% discount on any further lessons booked.

Find out how to improve your vision and learn how to relax your visual system, in six fun and easy group lessons. Age, prescription and state of visual health are irrelevant - this course will be tailored for YOUR needs.

There'll be email support from me throughout, and you'll get the chance to ask all the questions you want. Lessons will be recorded and sent to you in case you have to miss some.

Try it out - it's a totally fascinating method, and it works!

Learning will be enjoyable with the others in the class and this really is a unique chance for you to start clearing up that blur and discomfort from your vision, and to de-mystify natural vision improvement, and all at a great price.

Places go fast, so if you're interested in participating, please do book as soon as you can. Contact me on:

On another note, Autumn is a great time of year for using our vision with huge pleasure, as well as interested connection with our surroundings. It's a time when there are many new and beautiful colours and shades in the nature around us, and a lot of fast-moving changes too. Leaves are transformed as they discolour, wither, and finally fall from the trees, and the light takes on a different aspect. We ourselves, may feel a bit different too; it's interesting to notice the growing introspection we might feel within us as the weather turns colder - the ancient need to feel warm and safe as winter approaches. (Thank goodness for modern comforts such as hot water, central heating and warm duvets!)

Autumn is a great time to practise vision improvement techniques - so help your vision towards greater clarity by noticing the colours, the movement, and changes around you. And go outdoors into the natural light as much as possible, looking into the distance, whenever you can. 

Summer was a busy time for me on all fronts, but with with so many new and lovely clients, (as well as the old ones), all of whom have been really motivated to devote energy and attention to healing their vision, it's been a very exciting time! (Check out my new page containing optician's reports). It's such a privilege to do this work with you all, and on the way, to get to know you and learn so much from you too - thank you!

Sending you all many good wishes for an enjoyable autumn, and lots of clear, comfortable vision,