Posted on May 10, 2021

A client came to me last week for an in-person lesson, and it was wonderful to experience her enthusiasm and determination to improve her vision. She had to wear glasses ever since she was a small child, when she couldn't see the blackboard at school. She hated her cheap, ugly glasses, and felt very unhappy about herself and her vision for a long time.

She lived with her poor distance vision (-6.75 with 0.75 astigmatism, and -6.50 with -1.00 of astigmatism) all her life, until the age of 45, when she decided to try to improve her vision naturally, with the Bates Method. To her delight, it worked! And so, she contacted me to continue the process that she'd started from guidance she'd found in vision improvement books.

When she came to me, she said that her glasses felt uncomfortable, and even though she still wore them all day (she didn't feel safe without them), she was sure that this discomfort reflected an improvement in her vision. The lesson went well, and she took away a lot of new techniques and ideas to process and practise.

Her visit this week to see our Bates trained optician in London, was exciting and emotional; she discovered that her vision had improved significantly, to a prescription of -5 for general use, in both eyes, with NO astigmatism correction at all. She was so pleased, she cried.

Our vision is closely linked to our emotions, and, when we release deeply held emotional tension, and undo the emotional and physical tension which is blocking our way to clarity and good health and well-being, our vision starts to improve. I'm sure that even crying at the opticians released further blur from her vision.

These are exciting times- we are discovering more and more how completely the mind, the emotions and the body are interlinked, and how one thing affects another, and above all, how relaxation positively impacts our thought processes, our sense of self and sense of well-being, our body- both structurally, and systemically, and - our vision.

My client wrote to me today to say: "I'm literally beyond excited to be working with you..." I'm so pleased, and I'm literally beyond excited to be sharing this brilliant method of visual and whole body relaxation to the world. Thanks to you for reading this, and please spread the word - the Bates Method works. It IS possible to regain clarity and improved visual health naturally - try it out for yourself and see.