“Dear Charlotte…

Thank you!
Your lessons are really enjoyable and always interesting. I learn so much not just about how to improve my vision, but about myself..”
..And a note from Charlotte at SeeNaturally, Oct 2020: 
I recently went to a new optician for an eye test. My vision measured several lines better than 20/20, and I read very small print. After I left, both opticians were so shocked that they rechecked my date of birth, and one of them kept asking if there was some other explanation!… The only explanation is that the Bates Method works..! Charlotte ?

Seeing is believing


          “Many thanks for the video course Charlotte, I feel encouraged by your short, empowering format.”

” Your video on the benefits of daylight really helped me to spend more time outdoors, and I’m noticing the difference”

“Since I started working with you, I can definitely feel that my eyes are not so tense anymore, and my double vision has almost completely disappeared”.

I am very often asked if the Method really works, and my answer to this question is: “The proof is in the pudding!” Dr Bates’ method of releasing eyestrain through relaxation can help to nurture clearer, more healthy vision. It worked for me, and as you will see from the numerous positive testimonials I’ve received over the years, it’s been surprisingly effective for my clients too!

One of the wonderful things about the Bates Method of natural vision education, is that it can help not only your vision, but also your overall general wellbeing; this is because it’s a holistic, mind-body method. The mind, emotions, health, body and  of course vision, are all closely interconnected, and this method can benefit all of these.

When learning the Bates Method, you’ll learn how to relax your visual system, increasing your state of mental relaxation and releasing strain. This, together with a much greater overall awareness of what you’re seeing, allows the visual system to function in a more relaxed and healthy way.

Although little time or money has yet been spent on researching exactly how the Bates Method of Natural Vision education works, as a vision teacher observing the progress made by my clients, as well as looking back at my own vision journey – I know that this Method is effective, gentle, fun, relaxing, and…totally fascinating for everyone, young and old!

What can I help with? I have many years of experience teaching the Bates Method to all age groups, from the very young to the very old, and I bring to the lessons my own unique visual healing background, rich life experience, sensitivity and insight – together with a lot of fun and creativity. So – come to my lessons ready to relax, enjoy yourself and aim for greater clarity!

The educational nature of the Bates Method means that it can complement conventional diagnosis and treatment. It doesn’t have to be used as an exclusive technique, and can aid people using a conventional, medical approach.

The Bates Method of vision education and relaxation allows clients to gain a better understanding of their vision, and alongside conventional medical help, it can assist with many types of visual challenge.

If you have difficulties with tinnitus, or facial tics, I’d also be happy to give you help with these.

I’m also a Laughter Yoga Leader and host a free weekly Laughter Yoga Session on Zoom. Take a look at the Laughter Yoga! page on this site. Laughter Yoga has been scientifically proven to release stress, elevate the mood, boost blood circulation to the brain and body, increase the oxygen capacity of the lungs, boost the immune system – and help people feel happier in their lives generally – which is all very helpful for the vision. I also offer 1:1 sessions and group workshops  if you’d like to learn how it works.

I also offer Bach Flower Remedy Therapy and so would be happy to suggest remedies which might support you in your vision improvement journey.

I’ve also trained in NLP to Practitioner level.

I give lessons in person, or by Zoom/Skype/Facetime/WhatsApp, and I often host online group courses and hold small group workshops. Any necessary notes will be sent to you, but I keep these to a minimum.  Clients are welcome to keep in touch or ask any questions that come up, by text or email, in between lessons, I’m happy to help.

If you decide to come in person, my teaching rooms are sunny, calm and restful. My Bates studio on site is well suited to individual or small group work, and is also light, calm and peaceful. The garden setting is helpful for re-energising the vision and useful for all warm weather outdoor work we do too.

Charlotte Schuman reading sight chart      Teaching Bates Method 

I also teach at a therapy room in London, and at Marlow Complementary Health Care, in Buckinghamshire.

…And don’t let distance be an issue – I’ve had great success teaching clients all over England, and in Scotland, Ireland, Europe, Asia, the USA, Australia, and elsewhere, using Skype. Even clients living close by to me find that after an initial face-to-face lesson, lessons via Skype (or Facetime), save valuable travelling time. Telephone or email lessons are of course also possible.

Generally, around 12 one hour long vision lessons are needed, and after that, you’ll know how to continue improving your vision on your own, should you need to.  This number varies greatly from person to person, depending on their individual visual challenges, and also how committed they are to regular practice of the techniques. 

Some people may wish to continue with further lessons for extra support and learning, over a longer term – it really depends entirely on the individual and what they want to do and what feels right.

Please obtain an up to date assessment and/or prescription from an optician, as this will help to guide us in the work we do together.

For further details on lessons and courses, please see the Lessons page of my website: Lessons with Charlotte

How does it work?

For further information on the Bates Method and how it works, please take a look at this brochure from the Bates Association of Vision Education of Great Britain: Bates Method (BAVE) leaflet